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Sienna Van Dunk of Demure Lyfe created an orgonite pyramid for me. In this video I unwrap the box! For the first 3 days I had the pyramid I even slept with it next to me! The wonderful smell lingers in your house for daysss. The pyramid is currently on my altar on a special shelf of its own with pictures of Lakshmi and Ganesh. If you need anything orgonite – a gift, pieces for your altar, jewerly – then Demure Lyfe is your source.


Orgonite Pyramid for China Brooks by Demure Lyfe


Orgonite Pyramid for China Brooks by Demure Lyfe


Orgonite Pyramid for China Brooks by Demure Lyfe


Orgnoite Pyramid for China Brooks by Demure Lyfe


Orgonite Pyramid for China Brooks by Demure Lyfe




Demure Lyfe


I Am Observing Silence



I AM with the Mother.












Pure Intended People Are Rewarded


Pure Intended People Are Rewarded


Let Go of Dead Weight

Let Go of Dead Weight






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Income Stream Creation

Income Stream Creation 8-week Telecourse with China Brooks


Income Stream Creation 8-week Telecourse



Would you like to earn more money in a way that gives you more freedom?


What you like to know how to set up a lucrative income stream doing what you love?


Do you already have an income stream that you would like to improve on and take to the next level?


Are you interested in transitioning with grace, ease, and joy from a corporate job to doing what you love and are passionate about?


Do you thrive when you have accountability from a support group of like minds?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 8-week Income Stream Creation Telecourse is for you!



If there’s one thing I am good at it’s building income streams, especially passive and residual. In my longevity-based 14-year career as on-camera commercial, print, and television talent I made upwards of 30k a month consecutively. I did this by creating my own personal automated system. I worked that system with tenacity, determination, and courage. When I consistently applied my formula, results were (and are) inevitable. My formula makes you ready for moments when opportunity meets your preparation.



This intimate accountability mastermind group (6 spaces each group) is for professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners. I will teach you my system and help you achieve the mindset you need to make your Income Stream really work for you. If you are just starting out, this course will help you create a passive, residual, or active (time for money) income stream. If you already have your business set up, this course will help you improve upon the systems you already have in place.


So, what’s my secret to building sustainable income streams? Well, I have many secrets, which will be taught in the course. One important thing I realized early on is that any artistic-based career (healing, coaching, jewelry making, photography, acting, hosting, voiceover, videography, glassblowing, etc) has two sides to it: the business side and the creative side. A lot of times people fail to maintain a sustainable business because they only focus on one side with the exclusion of the other. It certainly takes a healthy balance.


Here’s an article I wrote to help you get a better idea about the balance between the business side and the creative side as it pertains to acting. This information can be applied to any career:


Here is another article I wrote about always being prepared, which is something we cover in the course:



How was I able to create the much-needed balance?


I studied.


See, I was making money with my on-camera career, however; I knew I would need business training in order to be able to continue to make money consistently. So, I took an entire summer and I studied business almost every single day. Because my acting career was residual income based (and I was great at saving), it afforded me the freedom of a flexible schedule to be able to take the time to study. I used my resources (time, energy, and money) from my on-camera career to create the complementary library of videos that is currently on my YouTube channel ( That is the brilliance of passive and residual income streams (and active income that is saved and invested wisely) – they give you freedom. Wouldn’t you love to have this kind of freedom in your own life to do what you love, get paid for it, and set your own schedule?


What’s exciting for you is that there are many different kinds of income streams you can set up. During this course I will give you a list of outside-of-the-box ideas for different types of income streams you can create throughout your lifetime. The beautiful thing is that it’s an ongoing process. You can continually create new streams and revive others. It’s up to you how far you would like to take any of your income streams. You can set up your income streams to make a comfortable amount of money or you can take your income streams all the way. Both ways are perfect depending on the lifestyle you prefer. It’s an individual choice and I am here to support you as you make that choice and take the consistent action necessary to achieve your dream.


Now, with all this goodness being said, you are probably ready to sign up. There is one more thing I have to tell you though. YOU MUST DO THE WORK. You can learn all the valuable techniques in business, marketing, selling, creating, and branding there is and if you don’t implement what you’ve learned on a consistent basis, you just won’t have the results. This mastermind is for people who are ready to see massive shifts in their lives, period. Taking this course is an investment in yourself. It’s also an investment on my end because I am committed to you seeing results. This is why I only work with small groups of people. When this course is over you will have this information for the rest of your life. To this day I still use the information that I learned (and applied) while studying business that one summer. Once you take this course you will be able to do the same.



Here is what can happen when YOU DO THE WORK:


One client went from a few hundred Instagram followers to 87k Instagram followers.

I have a photographer friend (I was his first model) who I let take pictures of me. During our shoot I coached him on how to deal with experienced and inexperienced models (including how to work with people who had never been in front of a camera before). He’s an excellent photographer and I knew he was serious. I sat down with him and asked him about his vision and his ideal social media platform. He told me he loved Instagram (he had a few hundred followers). So, I helped him create a plan of action for taking Instagram all the way. HE DID THE WORK, 100% and then he took what I taught him even further. I coached him again while I was in Vegas. He was rising faster than many of those around him and he was feeling guilty for doing so well. You know what I told him, right? JUST DO IT. A few months later he now has 87k Instagram followers. He is also one of the photographers for Facebook and is sponsored by Wells Fargo.


Here is another result:

Magda Loczi writes, “I need to shout out some mad LOVE for my girl China Brooks who I hired as my coach to work with me on dialing UP my whole energetic program. WOW. I cannot tell you what a difference I feel after working with her. She has a unique and special GIFT to connect directly with you on a level that creates powerful, seismic shifts.

She meets you where you are and provides productive tools, practices and resources that align with your highest wisdom and knowing. She connects you with YOU. DO NOT WAIT TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Contact her directly if you are looking for MASSIVE transformation on a profound level. Be ready to WORK and see amazing RESULTS.



And another:

One woman I worked with came from a scarcity mentality. Growing up her family told her that making money off of your creative work and art isn’t a real job and it can’t pay the bills. Naturally, she had major blocks around being able to complete and produce work, let alone make money off of it. After working with her she now has several income streams, pays her bills, and funds her lifestyle solely from her creative work.


After working with me people have gotten jobs, healed family relationships, manifested unexpected money, improved in business, and lived their dreams much more couragousely and passionately.






During this course I will teach you the 4 Pillars of Income Stream Building ®


1. Uniqueness

Are you innovative and creative?

What is your character like?

Do you add value?

Are you confident?

Do you have integrity?


2. Consistency

Are you consistent with your message?

Are you expedious (you get an idea and you take fast action on it)?


3. Organization

Do you have a strong, automated foundation of simplified systems in place for your income stream?


 4. Support

Do you have social capital?

Do you have accountability and integrity support from people of like mind?




This course covers:

  • How to set up a new (or improved) income stream (or you will have laid a strong foundation)
  • How to create your career and money earning around your preferred lifestyle instead of the other way around
  • How to transition from corporate to a sustainable creative entrepreneur with grace, ease, and joy
  • How to have courage to be discerning in your relationships and in your entire life so that your business is naturally, positively impacted. Intake is everything
  • How to conserve energy. Your number one business asset is your energy. This course will cover how manage and use your energy wisely once you’ve cultivated and harnassed it. “You won’t know how to manage somethign unless you know what it’s worth. yYou will squander something if you don’t know what it’s worth. This includes physical assets as well as your greatest asset – your energy. Your energy is your currency. How do I not squander that? How do I respect and store that? How do I build interest on that? How do I treat it as a monetary unit?” –Kelly Diamond
  • How to create a solid plan of action
  • Brand clarity
  • Networking
  • Marketing and social media positioning (social media game plan and how to implement it)
  • Setting your price point(s)
  • Making sales calls
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Client retention
  • Fiscal structure – self employment taxes, business licenses, etc.
  • How to be “professionally pushy” (get what you want in an assertive, non aggressive, way)



What you get:

  • An accountability partner
    I partner you with a buddy. Part of your course homework is to call your buddy and have a thorough conversation at least once a week.)
  • Accountability and support from myself and the rest of your mastermind group
  • Email and phone access to me
    If you have a question or hit a block, you can email or call me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You will have my support, my energy and every benefit that I can give you.
  • Course materials
  • One 2-hour mastermind call with me and the whole group once a week. Classes are taught live-in person with no pre-recorded information.
  • Recording of each call
  • Access to the after-care mastermind group on Facebook. This after-care mastermind group is only for graduates of my group and one on one programs and is by invite only. This group is for further accountability so you can consistently and diligently stay on track after the course is over. You are able to ask questions in the group, talk with me and the rest of the group, and resasonably promote your business and services. This group is $40 per month  and is faciliated by me.
  • Improved confidence, value, and worth
  • Support from people of like mind




Paid in full discount $2500 Register Now!





3-monthly payments of $900 Register Now!

July 27 –  September 14 – 8 Monday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (MDT)
July 28 – September 15 –  8 Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm (MDT)
July 29 – September 16 –  8 Wednesday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (MDT)


Enroll today and I will help you build your income stream, make more money doing what you love, and have more freedom!

Wishing you the highest and the best.







I know I can cut the price of this course down so that it can seem more attractive to you. I am going to offer you what this course is worth. By you paying what this course is worth you get the full value.




More testimonials:


Working with China Brooks has been an enlightening experience. She is quick on thought and knows exactly how to get you out of your own way. My favorite thing about working with China is you can absolutely feel the genuineness of her work. Its always a pleasure working with her and I appreciate the way she makes it safe to open and honest about your true life. China Brooks is doing the work she was made for. Thank you! -Gabrielle Z Mott



What is it like working with China Brooks? China inspires. From the day I first saw her video on her life changing experience with a yoni egg I was moved. I had to know who she was. I sought her out on Social Media and then quickly befriended her. She was someone who possessed a power and sense of self-worth that most do not hold. I was intrigued so I visited her website and read her blog which sparked my interest in working with her. I wanted to know who this woman was. Thank goodness she offered tele-classes on various subjects in relation to awakening the divine feminine and knowing your power as a woman, as a goddess. Before signing up for any of her tele-classes I asked her questions and sparked conversation with her. My first tele-class with China was on Manifesting Money. That changed and shifted the paradigm of my consciousness towards money. I built an altar to manifest money. Since having worked with her, she teaches through empowerment and truly builds relationships with her clients/students. She is clear, concise, and providesfollow-up. After that first class with China, I felt so good about following her guides for Manifesting Money that I decided to take a second tele-class with her, which was the beginning for me to shift how I handle business matters through creating boundaries. I felt the second class gave me tools to assist me in my business and to really think about what I offer to my own clients. Again, China was clear with her presentation, concise with her information, and thorough in answering our questions in the class. I reallyenjoy China’s classes and I will continue to support the work she offers to empower women and men. -Lavender Moon (Tincture Holistics)



I began working with China about 5 years ago. From the beginning, I felt an intuitive connection to her energy and Presence (with a capital “P” – because she brings so much intention and focus to her work). Whether or not you ever have the gift an pleasure of being in her actual Presence, you will feel it by watching her videos or by working with her via online courses. There is a special affinity she has for quickly dialing in to your energy, and helping to guide you inwards, grounding and clearing away energies that are not yours to help you more clearly feel your most authentic self. This does not come without effort on your part. One of my favorite parts about China is how she speaks the language of my soul and my spirit and is in touch with the guides to which I also have access. She gives practical tools that help along every step of the journey, allowing you to be a more powerful source of support for yourself. I love how she taps in to that energy of my highest joy, as well as so clearly identifying where I get off track and how to get back on, how to get out of my own way.  Be prepared for things to begin happening VERY QUICKLY once you commit to working with China. She is a gifted and powerful guide and energy worker who is so relatable, down-to-Earth and yet supremely Divine in her way of Being. I have recommended her services and her resources to many, many people and will continue to do so as she is always right on time with the next level of work I need to manage in my life. From personal and emotional issues, to business and creative projects, China’s skills continue support a journey of healing, empowerment and inspiration that I can always count on.  I am forever grateful. –Magda Loczi (LocziWear and LocziLens)


This was very educational. It was nice to have someone bring these questions and ask you questions to stimulate that for yourself. It’s not often I know for myself as busy as I am. I don’t get a chance to evauluate in the moment because I am just at in the moment. I appreicate you reeling me back in and take some time out of my day ot invest into something. –Sienna Van Dunk



Thank you China! I went from broke, depressed, and wanting to commit suicide to changing my outlook on life and getting a new job. I am forver a fan. -Tim C.



Good afternoon, China! I was thinking about you yesterday. I remember a general card reading you did online a couple months ago. Well, I had a question about an upcoming job and you told me that when I get clear about what I really want, the job will come. I just wanted to share that I did get VERY clear and I was just offered an amazing job that encompasses my intentions since I quit my old job in late Oct. Not only do I have one amazing jobs, but two. Just wanted to thank you for the reading you did! -Andrea Richardson



China Brooks – WOW. My world is expanding beyond belief due to the work I am doing with you. I am blessed beyond words to have you in my life. You have incredible gifts !!! Thank you for diving headfirst into your Greatness and for sharing it with the rest of us. NAMASTE. –Magda Loczi




I hope this is not too strange but I just wanted to write to say hello and thank you. I came across your videos and site and have had a great time learning from you. Your energy is absolutely amazing and I thank for sharing it with the world. In recent months I’ve fallen off my healing practices and my own work and practice as an astrologer and coach. I want to thank you because your energy and words has given me the inspiration to get back on my game. For that I am truly thankful. Much love to you and much success in your future endeavors!


Take care,

Jenelle Harvey


Yoni Egg Transition – Rhodonite Soldier



Yoni Egg Transition - Rhodonite Soldier


Yoni Egg Transition – My Options

Yoni Egg Transition - My Options



Comany I Endorse – LOCIwear

Company I Endorse - LOCZIwear


Yoni Egg Transition – Cost and Trademarking

Yoni Egg Transition - Cost and Trademarking


Yoni Egg Transition – Introduction


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