Prosperity Consciousness Reading September 29 – October 5, 2014

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Prosperity Consciousness Reading September 22 – 28, 2014


Prosperity Consciousness Reading


Here is a Prosperity Consciousness Reading for September 22 – 28, 2014

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Conversation on Street Harassment


Conversation on Street Harassment



How Yoni Eggs Changed Me


How Yoni Eggs Changed Me


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Mantra for Sacred Love Making



In an email from my Mother:


Om kama pujitayei namaha.


got this from Deva Premal ‘mantras for precarious times.’  translated as being for the act of sacred love making (Kama is the love name for KRSNA… when you chant to Kamadeviya, you are chanting to God as love – I do that one “Om Kamadeviya vidmahe, pushpa banaiya demahe, tano nanga prachodayat” which is to call God as love… it’s actually the Krsna Gayatri mantra).


I found this on good ole’ YouTube University (ha ha):


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30 Day Consumer Fast Day 14






Monday Motivation


Queen of Knowledge Mantra


This is my Mom’s favorite. I will always have fond memories of her chanting it out loud to me. :)
eim hrim shreem kleem sauh kleem hreem eim blum streem nilatari saraswati
dram dreem kleem blum sah eim hrem shrem klem sauh sauh hreem swaha

“Actually, according to Thomas Ashley Farrand, it’s:

“The classical Mahavidya, or Queen of Knowledge mantra, however I believe that to be sort of a misdirection – though western culture sees her as the Goddess of music and (book) learning as does Hindu culture; however, in Hindu mythology, she is the wife of Brahma (who creates the world) and (hold on for it) she is the Goddess of SPEECH (in the beginning was the word, and without the word, matter would not be formed).  So, like I said, a bit of misdirection, since she would be underlying the entire of creation.” -Julie Brooks

Inner Toxicity Creates Outer Toxicity


Inner Toxicity Creates Outer Toxicity


30 Day Consumer Fast Day 5

I also want to add that on the last clearing moon I chanted a special mantra 1000 times. It took me about 2 hours to chant it. During those two hours I felt every emotion under the sun. So many memories came up and out of my body. I felt so much energetic movement. I’m pretty sure doing that ritual is having an effect on the actions I am currently taking.

There is a Tantric Master who is doing distance energy work on me. It’s having a tremendous clearing effect. Yesterday during my walk I saw an orange hummingbird. It swooped right in front of my face and then landed near me on a beautiful plant with soft, fuzzy lavender flowers. The hummingbird stayed there for a long while as I stood there and stared at it.

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the seat of creative and sexual energy. Hummingbird totem stands for JOY. In my oracle card decks, orange stands for changing and creating (creating change). Purple stands for visualizing (using the power of imagination to create an ideal life). I knew the hummingbird was a sign that my sexual and creative energies are now balancing out. That part of my being is undergoing highly constructive change. Basically, I have freed myself from the bondage of past, inherited, generational, and learned conditioning. I now have the support from Divine Masculine that I have been praying for. I feel safe, supported, and loved. I feel protected by the men in my life. This gives me the freedom and ease to really step into the fullness of my manifestation powers as Divine Feminine Creator (and spontaneous manifestor). My womb is set free and is no longer in bondage of fear that her bounty and wealth will be taken once made manifest in the physical, tangible realm. I know that anything I create from here on out is safe and protected (my assets will be honored, cared for, and respected).




Creative Things I Have Made


Creative Things I Have Made


This is a video response to Ashley Ruple’s video: Creative Things I Have Made or Repurposed!

I make handmade cards. I can’t stand to give someone a cheesy piece of Hallmark sh*t. I just. can’t. do. it.

If I ever give you a politically correct Hallmark card, know that either:

1. Hallmark is sponsoring me (most likely answer).

2. It’s a joke.

3. I’ve been possessed by an entity with no taste. Seek Gandalf the White for immediate help.